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Disabled Access - A Reasonable Solution

When you think of the disabled, do you automatically think of a wheelchair user?

The answer is likely to be yes because our perception of disability is influenced by the wheelchair sign which is used to indicate disability in all areas of public access. Traditional thinking has therefore revolved around the needs of wheelchair users.

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VAT and Disabled Access

In many situations providing equipment or services for the purposes of the disabled can be zero rated for VAT. For charities, such as Housing Associations, who do not have the capability of claiming back VAT, this knowledge can directly reduce the cost of capital expenditure.

The facilities to zero rate disabled goods and services has been in place since 1994. With the Disabled Discrimination Act, (DDA) coming into full force by 2004 the purchase of disabled access equipment is likely to increase and charities can benefit.

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Rising Above The Rest

A PDF copy of an Association for Consultancy and Engineering article on Elevate Consulting.

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Fast Track Procurement

Mention the word partnering and most people will have an idea what this means and many will appear to be enthusiastic about building relationships between all parties involved in a project such as the client, contractor or suppliers. Most recognise that a climate of openness and trust can lead to fast track procurement and monetary savings, however, whilst many have enthused, few have delivered. Sadly, in the arena of lifts and escalators, there has been little evidence of progress in partnering over the years.

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The Use of Technology in the Design of Lifts & Escalators

Many computer software tools have become common place in the design of lifts. Most specifying engineers have access to traffic analysis programmes, even the use of complex traffic flow simulation has become readily available.

But what's next, or already around us and available to support the engineer. What can be used to show the client or end user that the consultant specified solution exactly meets their needs and demands.

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Ventilation In Liftwells

What is the requirement for the ventilation of liftwells?

Historical standards define that for all circumstances the level of ventilation should be 1 percent of the plan area of the liftwell. But is this sufficient or too much for all circumstances?

Is this defined space the free area of the ventilation or does it need to be factored for louvers or ductwork transition or the ductwork length?

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