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Whether you are a building owner, manage a building on behalf of your client or a private indivdual, Elevate can assist you with your vertical transportation needs. Elevate Consulting Ltd works with businesses and individuals from many different sectors.


Elevate are employed by major high street names to supply lifts and escalators. Elevate Consulting have a long track record in both very decorative designs for high fashion retailers and robust products for supermarket chains with experience in low, medium and high rise building projects.

Elevate Consulting Ltd.


Elevate Consulting undertake modernisation and refurbishment on all types of housing including General Needs, Sheltered and Special Needs accommodation. Elevate are also experienced with luxury private developments including extension of travel for penthouse apartments.

Elevate Consulting Ltd.


Elevate Consulting provide designs for new and refurbishment schemes in office developments with experience in low, medium and high rise building projects.

Elevate Consulting Ltd.


Elevate work with Universities and colleges on new and refurbishment lift projects and fully understand the need for works to be completed before term time commences.

Elevate Consulting Ltd.


Elevate Consulting has extensive experience in catering for the special needs of Healthcare Trusts and bodies designing public, theatre and goods lifts to suit individual needs and NHS specifications. Elevate has Chartered Engineers who are qualified to act as Authorising Engineers to HTM08-2.

Elevate Consulting Ltd.

Transport & Leisure

Elevate Consulting have experience working in public transport and leisure facilities and understand the demanding environment with the need for reliability.

Elevate Consulting Ltd.

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